About us

Driessen United Blenders has more than 80 years’ experience in providing logistical solutions. As an independent and neutral business partner, we set ourselves apart from other distributors and trading organisations. All your needs taken care of under one roof.

  • Our 8-hectare site is able to offer a diverse range of facilities, including mixing, re-packing, filling, sieving, grinding and storage. We are ideally located for destinations in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
  • Our approach is highly versatile and we are specialized in both solids and liquids: powders, granules, flakes, emulsions and dispersions.
  • Our facilities are geared up to the handling and storage of almost any type of packaging.
  • We offer our customers integrated solutions and can rely on our own warehouses, fleet of vehicles, customs consultants and shipping & forwarding department, to ship your products all over the globe.

One face to the customer

Anyone who does business with us is assigned a single contact person who will coordinate the various links in the logistical chain and delegate responsibilities internally. Driessen United Blenders provides support and stability to your logistics process by tackling your problems head-on.

Contact us Or call +31 (0)493 750 600