Food Extrusion

On our yard, 3200m2 is dedicated for the extrusion and packing of all kind of food products. Driessen Food Extrusion is Driessen Food Extrusion is a contract manufacturer and transforms your food powders into crispy formats. The end products can vary in composition, format, taste and bite, depending on your wishes.

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Our equipment

Our equipment

  • Cooperion ZSX 25 Twin Screw Extruders
  • Geelen Counterflow Cooler & Dryer
  • Multicracker
Products & applications

Products & applications

From crisp grains to crunchy cookie bits to protein crisps to precooked flours, our twin screw food extrusion systems are designed to accommodate a broad range of products.

  • High Protein
  • Crumbs


Standard Packaging is Bigbags. From there we can pack in any packaging you want, from 100 gram to Bulk container. From 0,5 liter jar to 100 liter plastic bags.

Contact us Or call +31 (0)493 750 600