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01 July 2020

Our latest addition; cracking and fractionation machine

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Starting this month, Driessen United Blenders B.V. also offers the possibility to crack and fractionate powders. We use this machine to create flakes or crumbs after extruding, for example, which can then be used as a crunchy coating for oven-baked foods. This installation is also used to make hardened hygroscopic powders free flowing again.


Multicracker AC 200

For the cracking process we use a Multicracker AC 200. Driessen United Blenders consciously chooses to crack instead of grind. A great advantage of this process is that it allows us to also make flakes and crumbs. The Multicracker AC 200 can be steplessly adjusted, making it possible to have any desired size. There is also no temperature development during the cracking process, ensuring that the product loses hardly any moisture and therefore maintains its full taste.


Amcko 3-deck sieve

After cracking, the product is fractionated using a 3-deck separator. This sieve enables you to separate the product into a maximum of 4 fractions. The size of these fractions depends on your requirements. We have a wide variety of standard screen mesh sizes in stock, but will be happy to order any specific size to meet your needs. To ensure the product is evenly distributed, the sieve is equipped with a so-called distributing frame. The balls that are located between the different decks ensure that the openings in the sieve stay open. In this way, no capacity is lost.

After cracking and fractioning, the fractions are lowered into big bags. These can then be repacked into any desired final packaging product or size on one of our other lines.


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