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Packaging and repackaging

Packaging is generally a logical next step after blending. We also provide repackaging as a separate service. Driessen United Blenders has the capacity and facilities for almost every type of packaging. Liquids from 50 ml up to 24,000 litres of bulk cargo, and powders from 100 grams of packaging up to 24,000 kg of silo cargo.

afvulinstallatie voor bulkwagens

Filling system for bulk cargoes (Dino)

Driessen United Blenders has invested in a so-called Dino for filling powders in bulk and silo containers. Powders can be dosed from big bags or bagged goods. A 5 mm sieve and a magnet are placed in line as standard.

  • Packaging: Bulk/silo
  • Extras: 5 mm sieve, 11000 Gauss magnet 

Filling system for consumer packaging

Our filling installation for jars, buckets and stand-up bags offers a complete solution for filling powders. Packaging is labelled in line and automatically filled under e-weight. Caps are closed semi-automatically, after which they are manually placed in outer boxes.

  • Packaging: Jars, buckets, stand-up bags, 200 gr to 10 kg 
  • Extras: In-line printing and labelling, filled under e-weight, metal detection.
Afvulinstallatie voor potten
Afvulinstallatie voor Bulk Verpakkingen

Filling system for bulk packaging

Our complete set-up for bulk packaging can be used as a logical step after blending or as an independent packaging system. The installation fills powders from big bags through an AZO rotary sieve, and then packs them in the appropriate big bags, bags, boxes or drums.

  • Packaging: big bags, bags, boxes or drums. 
  • Extras: sampling, metal detection and sieving.

Arodo automatic filling system

Driessen United Blenders has invested in a fully automated Arodo filling system for the cost-efficient packaging of large runs (>10 tonnes) in plastic or paper bags from 10 to 25 kilos. The installation is equipped with an in-line sieve and is set up in combination with a fully automatic palletising installation suitable for various pallet sizes.  

  • Packaging: Bags from 10 to 25 kg. 
  • Capacity: 240 bags an hour. 
  • Extras: Automatic venting, automatic sampling, cutting-off bag length, sealing, stitching and/or taping. 
Arodo automatische afvulinstallatie
Semi automatic afvul- en sluitinstallatie

Semi-automatic filling and sealing system

To fill a wide variety of bags with products we receive in big bags, we invested in our own semi-automatic filling line with AZO rotary sieve, metal detection and Arodo impulse sealer.

  • Packaging: bags from 5 to 25 kg (including bag-in-box). 
  • Extras: In-line sieving and metal detection, labelling and air-cleaning of the seal seam. Bags are closed using Arodo heat seal with a range of 110°C to 190°C, stitching and taping.

“Below level” filling system for dusty powders

Our “below level” filling line is specially designed for the trouble-free filling of hygroscopic, light and dusty powders in bags of 5 to 25 kilos. Using an advanced dosing technique, we fill bags dust-free from the bottom. To ensure the packaging can be sealed without any problems, we first clean the sealing area with air.

  • Packaging: Bags and bag-in-box from 5 kg to 25 kg. 
  • Extras: In-line sieving, bags are sealed with Arodo heat seal, stitch or creped. Automatic cleaning of the sealing zone with air.
“Onder niveau” afvulinstalltie voor stoffende poeders
Rovema vorm vul sluit installatie

Rovema form fill and seal machine

Our Rovema FFS (form, fill and seal) machine ensures accurate dosing and packaging of powders, pellets, flakes and granules in PE (Polyethylene) bags or laminate film. Small packages are repacked in handy outer boxes. The packages are sealed using impulse sealing technology.

  • Packaging: Pillow bags and block bottom bags from 500 grams to 15 kg. 
  • Extras: printing on film and check weighing, heat and impulse sealing.

Liquid filling installation for bulk packaging (B2B)

Driessen has invested in a food-safe packaging line that fills liquids directly from trucks into IBCs and drums, and vice versa. We are able to preheat the contents of tankers to optimize the viscosity of liquids for further processing.

  • Packaging: IBCs, drums, trucks and vice versa. 
  • Material: Stainless steel 316L transport pipes. 
  • Extras: Packaging from and to (preheated) tankers, CIP cleaning, 5 micron GAF filter on receipt and before packaging.
Vloeistof afvulinstalltie voor bulk (B2B) verpakkingen
Vloeistof afvullijn voor consumentenverpakkingen

Liquid filling line for consumer packaging

Our complete filling line fills bottles and jars hygienically, including labelling and any tamper-evident (neck sleeve). We can pack under a modified atmosphere by adding nitrogen. Small-sized packaging, repacked in cartons for convenience.

  • Packaging: Large and small bottles and jars, from 50 ml to 6000 ml. 
  • Material: Complete packaging line including labelling, Stoppil filling machine with 8 filling heads, nitrogen gas packaging, capping mechanism, tamper-evident and sleeve machine. 
  • Capacity: up to 2,400 units an hour. 
  • Extras: CIP cleaning, nitrogen gas packaging, in-line coding.


our equipment

For over half a century, Driessen United Blenders has continuously invested in an extensive range of machinery and equipment for blending, stirring and packaging powders and liquids. This enables us to build the most suitable production line for every product.


our machinery