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Blending and dispersing powders and liquids

Driessen blends, makes solutions and disperses every kind of dry and liquid raw material for the food industry. We blend powders with powders, liquids with liquids and liquids with powders (and vice versa). Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in blending, making solutions and dispersing, we know how to deal with complex product characteristics such as delicate, sticky, pasty, unstable and segregation-sensitive raw materials. To achieve the best results, we select the best technologies from our own range of blenders.


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complete, customized service

We offer blending raw materials in combination with the intake from every type of packaging, and can include breaking, sieving, making the product free-flowing, metal detection, lab research, packaging and logistics. This way you can be sure of customized service for your product from A to Z.

Blending powders with powders

Driessen United Blenders blends powders, pellets, granulates and flakes for customers in orders starting from about 1,000 kg. We specialize in blending for example bakery products, sports supplements, performance enhancers, premixes, yeast, functional ingredients, milk proteins, lactates, roasted sugars, and other products. Using specially designed equipment, we are able to dose (micro-)ingredients extremely accurately. We can blend, make free-flowing and pre-treat your products in our own heat chamber. Thanks to our range of ribbon blenders, paddle blenders and conical blenders, we always have the right technology available to blend your delicate or difficult raw materials into a homogeneous blend at the ideal temperature and blending time.

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Blending liquids in powders

Driessen United Blenders adds up to 30% liquid to powders. With extreme precision, liquids and emulsions such as fats, oils, flavourings, functional ingredients and colourings are blended in powders. For the best results, we apply the most suitable dosing and blending technique in combination with the right temperature and blending time.

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Blending powders in liquids

Driessen has the expertise in house to dissolve fine-grained substances and powders such as citric acid, potassium sorbate, lactic acid, lecithin, vitamins, minerals and aromas in liquids and oils. Our specialized liquid blenders allow us to take mixtures and solutions from 1,000 litres to 30,000 litres per batch and create extremely homogeneous blends with the right properties. We do this under the most ideal conditions, such as the right temperature and blending time.

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Blending liquids with liquids

At Driessen we blend liquids, make emulsions and dilute liquids for our customers. Over the past 50 years, we have continuously invested in specialized dosing and blending technologies and in facilities for creating the right viscosity. Prior to the blending process, we can pre-blend and prepare solutions. This enables us to blend even the most difficult liquids and emulsions into an extremely accurate and homogeneous end product. The end products are then packaged in bulk and consumer packaging, according to your needs, such as in bottles and jars from just 100 ml, or in IBCs, drums and even in tankers.

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