we toll your blend

Driessen United Blenders is a specialist in blending dry and liquid raw materials in every conceivable combination for over 50 years.

We blend powders with powders, powders with liquids and liquids with liquids. For the best results, we apply our own wide range of blending techniques using premium brand machines. Well-maintained and always ready for use.


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Complex product characteristics, wide-ranging volumes and specific requirements?

We always try to find the best recipe for our customers. Our design, analyse and checks look at every detail. But above all, we test the final solution in a practical environment. This way you can be sure of the perfect recipe before production. Whether it concerns quality, cost or efficiency.


be inspired by our solutions

Fast, flexible and reliable. Over the past 50 years, Driessen United Blenders has continuously invested in creating smart and efficient production facility that enables us to customize our processes to your exact needs. Storage, pre-batch, blending, filling and packaging are all separate operations. This modular approach allows us to quickly and easily combine different production techniques to meet your requirements in terms of speed, capacity and quality. Every step receives full attention by our experts, and checks are done after every stage in the production process.

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impressed by our standards

Safe, responsible and fair trade products that meet your requirements and those of your customers. Driessen United Blenders has an expansive machine fleet and specialized production facilities housed in properly closed-off, conditioned compartments. Here we draw up and design your production process according to your exact specifications and in line with the required quality standards or permits. This enables us to achieve outstanding quality. 

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we prove our excellence

There's a reason why so many major food manufacturers choose Driessen United Blenders as their partner. Quality can only live up to its promise if it meets every single requirement Not only do we have almost every conceivable certification for the food industry, we are also able to meet your specific SLA or the specific requirements of your customers. Of course, we are happy to assist with your customer's internal audits and audits.


engineer your solution

Speed, flexibility and customized solutions. That's what sets Driessen United Blenders apart. Especially when it comes to new machines, unique modifications and tailored technology. Thanks to our own team of engineers and local suppliers, we can create the ideal production process for your business in no time. Every step of the process is thoroughly tested in practice in our own lab. Together with you, we then determine what works best. This offers certainty in advance, for you as well as us.

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we smoothen your operation

Driessen United Blenders offers companies in the food industry a specialized facility for blending, extrusion, repackaging, packaging, storage, customs and logistics. You can rely on one permanent contact person within our company who understands your business, looks after your interests and works with you like one of your own. We are the practical solution for companies in the food industry when it comes to product development, quality, or savings in labour, time and costs. We help you with innovating, creating extra capacity, increasing efficiency or specialising in areas where your business may not have sufficient possibilities.

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we improve ourselves

Continuously improving! We prefer to do this together with our customers.

By working with multidisciplinary teams, regular business reviews and quality triangles. But of course also by educating, training and recording and sharing experiences from our broad practice.