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Driessen United Blenders, a long family tradition

Driessen United Blenders is a real family business, with the third generation now at the helm. We have a long-standing tradition in blending and logistics. It's a tradition that is close to our heart, it is where we developed our craftsmanship and invested in the future.


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A leader in blending and logistics

Since its foundation in 1932, Driessen has grown into a leading company with 8 hectares of facilities for the intake, storage, logistics, sieving, blending, repackaging and filling of powders and liquids. Driessen United Blenders has developed into an efficient organisation, with short lines of communication and a team of 125 skilled staff we have a responsibility towards.


Our future as independent partner in food

Driessen believes in a great future for the food industry and in the development of good, affordable and sustainable food to feed the ever-growing world population. As for our own company, we believe in a future as an independent partner. Neutral and truly different from distributors and trading houses. Everything in one hand, all under one roof. It is with this vision in mind that we continue to invest. In knowledge, facilities, reliability and customer focus. Because these are as important to us as they are to you.