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At Driessen United Blenders we specialize in shelf-stable and hygroscopic products for the food industry.

You can rely on our extensive experience for your bakery products, dairy products, drinks, cocoa, ice cream, confectionery, sports drinks, diet food, soups, sauces, spices, additives and crispy coatings for meat, fish, snacks and meat replacement products. We possess the technology, knowledge and experience. Even when faced with complex situations, challenging products or difficult volumes. We understand your industry and the requirements of your customers.


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Confidentiality and respect 

At Driessen we're fans of being open with our customers through working together and learning together. We like to apply innovations from one sector to new sectors, naturally with due observance of confidentiality and respect for intellectual property. Signing an NDA is a basic principle in all our business relations.


quality and cross-contamination 

Quality is paramount at Driessen United Blenders. This goes much further than our many certifications and begins with the layout of our factories. The factories are built around our compartmentalized production areas. Each installation is located in a separate room at Driessen United Blenders. Raw materials enter and exit the premises in separate batches, and the compartment is securely closed during production. After each production process, the machine and the room it sits in are thoroughly wet-cleaned and then dried. These procedures are in place to avoid cross-contamination and ensure a safe and efficient production process.