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Technische tekening Vorm Vul Sluit installatie
15 March 2024
Tech update

Today marks the start of building our new form fill seal installation

Body tekst

Today we made a start with the expansion of our powder blending facility with 2 new production units. In one of these two units a form fill seal installation will be installed which is specialised in filling powder(blends) in pillowbag or blockbottom bags.


Form fill seal installation

The past year we have had multiple requests from our customers for filling in 1-15 kg bags. It is our goal to grow together with our customers and expand our services whenever possible. Therefore we have invested in new equipment which will be operational in Q2 2024.


The form fill seal installation from Rovema is specialised in filling 1 to 15 kg pillowbags and blockbottom bags:

  • Very accurate filling – ideal for filling bags based on your exact batch weight
  • Multiple shoulders available for various foil widths
  • PE, PP or laminate foil can be used – foil can be customised
  • Foil width up to 900 mm (flat)
  • Double seal bars – to guarantee no leakage
  • AZO Rotation sieve and checkweigher in line


Technical drawing

The above technical drawing gives an impression of the design. The technical drawing is made by our recently hired technical process engineer. With this addition to our team we expand our technical knowledge and we now have in-house capabilities to create new technical plans and customise existing lines quicker and easier.  


Want to know more about our latest addition or all the other possibilities at Driessen United Blenders? Our sales team is at your service.


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Rob Lurvink - 06 50 290 180 - r.lurvink@dub.nl


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